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Anyone going to the 2010 MLP Fair?


It seems that we My Little Pony collectors might not be able to order the new 2010 My Little Pony Fair collectors pony ( the seriously cute green one ) unless we're actually going to the Fair itself.

I can't make it. Plus it's in Kentucky. Not exactly one of New Jersey's next door neighbors.

So my question is...

is anyone watching this journal planning on going to the 2010 My Little Pony Fair in Kentucky? And if you are, could I beg you for something?

Could someone pick up the green pony for me?? I'm not hot on ANY of the other collectors ponies that are coming out this year, or any of the G3.5's that are in the stores. This really is the ONLY pony I want to add to my collection this year.

I really do have my heart set of owning her.

Hasbro is supposedly not making as many as they did in past years, so she may end up becoming REALLY difficult to get my hands on without spending a crap load of money.

Oh course, you would be paid back for her.

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