Jadina (kaysa) wrote in mlpcollectors,

ponies for sale!

 I'm trying to get rid of some of my duplicates.  All ponies are in played with condition.  More pictures available upon request.  Make me an offer!  I'm kaioumichiru on ebay if you'd like some credibility insurance.

About 90% of the played-with condition is from surface dirt that should wash right off.  No missing hair, missing twinkle eyes, etc.  Some are actually in decent shape.

Photos hosted on photobucket.  Ponies listed below cut


Pink bushwoolie
pink wagon with green wheels
baby pony dragon costume with dragon pal
twinkle-eyed unicorn with roller skates
Majesty - grey body with purple/magenta hair
blue princess pony with magenta hair
pink summer-wing pony with green/pink/yellow wings and ladybug on rump
Morning Glory Flutter pony - no wings
purple flutter pony with purple hair - no wings
baby sea pony - pink body, green hair, frog floater (wave dancer?)
BBE Baby Gusty
Newborn twins with green bodies and humpty-dumpty on their rumps - one with white hair and one with yellow
Newborn Twin with yellow body and pink hair - rocking horse on rump (only one)
newborn twin with white body and yellow hair - rabbit on rump (only one)
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