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New around here + WTB list


This is a introduction post + my WTB post :)
My name is Brooke and I'm big on collecting toys (Mostly SailorMoon, Disney, Monster High, and MLP (G1s and G4s). I loved MLP's as a child(I'm 24 now) and sadly only have one left that I saved from my childhood. She is Colormist, from the Sweet Perfume Beauties(Dream Beauties). I can't believe I still have her! ^_^ Anyways, after watching MLP FiM, I'm starting to get back into collecting ponies and other vintage horse related toys. I look forward to meeting you all and learning more about collecting ponies! 


Dream Beauties
All except, Colormist, Mayfair, and Dream Gleamer. 

Non MLP, but still fantasy horse related

Fantasy Fillies
Blue haired Alexis
All Star prancers
All Princess Growing hair

That's all I'm looking for now. I like to only tackle a few sections at a time :) Please let me know if you are selling any. I am located in the USA. ^^

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