whaaaaaatever (lunamothmama) wrote in mlpcollectors,

hey y'all!


my name is Jess and i have been collecting Ponies since the G1s... i was 5 at the time

i am wondering if you guys can help me with names of my ponies? i know some, but some of them i just cant remember.

if y'all can help, i'll post pics under a cut and hopefully match up names! and if anyone is interested in any of my ponies... LMK ;)

but pics will come later...... i have to set them all up and brush them out

Tex (Big Brother Clydesdale, with bandanna and hat)
Lickety Split
Baby Frosting (with blinking eyes)
Baby Ribbon (blinking eyes)
Ribbon (So Soft)
Parasol (rainbow pony)
Best Wishes (SO Soft)
Party TIme (Twinkle Eye)
Celebrate (baby sea pony)
Skydancer (rainbow pony)
Dancing Butterflies
Pink Dreams (missing the wings)
Pillow Talk

i have lots more, including another sea pony and some baby unicorns and ponies... new ones, g2, g3, and i think a couple g3.5s. and some of the slumber party set, some of the birthday party set (came with Baby Frosting) and most of the Show Stable. and one super-fancy newer Pegasus that came with a crown and beautiful iridescent fabric wings. definitely the fanciest pony i own!

and here's an interesting note: my uncle was a recording engineer and worked on commercials in the early 80's. i was visiting him one day when he asked me to listen to some songs and tell him and another man which one i liked best. i listened, and picked one that i thought was cute.

turns out, it was the MLP jingle :D i got my first 4 ponies direct from the company for that!
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