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It's amazing what you find in the basement

Hi all!

I've been clearing out my old things and came across my modest mlp collection from when I was a wee thing. I'm no longer interested in collecting but am anxious that they all receive loving homes and was wondering if anyone would be interested in the ponies I have. Here's a list:

Bluebell - flower pony, Pegasus. 1990.

Lemon drop - purple rain pony. Part of the Show stable collection. 1983-84.

Magic star - rearing fur pony with wand. No stand unfortunately. 1985-86.

Bubbles - unique sitting with blaze pony. 1983-84.

Chocolate Chip (in UK) - 1987-88. Scented pony with unicorn horn.

Kiss Curl - Version with pink hair and yellow body (original). Came with grooming parlour.

North Star - Pink Pegasus. Non-so soft pony version.

Bridal Beauty - With only the ring accessory. 1991-92.

Morning Glory - Scented flower symbol. Flutter pony without wings. Shell on back. 1985-86.

Baby (sister?) Sweet Celebrations - 2 colour hair. Part of the Family set 1988-89.

Baby Sunbright - Family set of ponies. Multi-coloured hair. Based on Ichy from the show.

Baby Applejack - Not sold in US. Early/unique.

Baby Ribbons and Hearts/Baby Valentine - Last activity Club baby pony. Given away with club membership. Early/unique. 1991-1992 ish.

Dangles - Newborn pony. No bottle sadly. 1988-1989.

Dibbles - From Dibbles and Nibbles twin set. No accessories, no twin. Pegasus baby.

Unfortunately I don't seem to have most of the accessories which came with them and they have all been used but are still in relatively good shape overall. If anyone's interested please let me know and I will send pics on request. Happy collecting!
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