Savaaha d'Loren (stripedpony) wrote in mlpcollectors,
Savaaha d'Loren

1st diving seapony for auction

Our 1st pony for adoption is Kelp Dancer. She is a rehaired MLP baby seapony who has just returned from a grand adventure. Included with her will be an 5x7 of her on her adventure(a full Res digital copy will be emailed for you to reprint as you wish from), a 5x7 of her with her friends and an official mini dive log with all the dive details;

NDS photo

Please note Kelper is not mint. She has a couple of small highlighter marks around her neck, a small dimple above her right fin and a couple of paint rubs to her fins. She is still a very lovely and one of a kind little girl.

Shipping will depend on your location, yes I will mail overseas but I cannot be responsible for loss or damage.

I would like to start the bidding at 15.00 and will be taking offers for the next week. 8x10s will be sent instead of 5x7s if the bids go higher than expected on her.
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