Sidney Eileen (sidneyeileen) wrote in mlpcollectors,
Sidney Eileen

Childhood Pony Collection

I have an old My Little Pony Collection in my storage unit. I need to get rid of the unit, and I have nowhere else to keep them, so I want to sell them. I have about 5 large boxes worth of Ponies and playsets from the 80's, starting with several ponies from the first run, like Bubbles, Morning Star, and Baby Cotton Candy. They are VERY well played with, as they were my most beloved toys as a small child.

I am hoping for some advice. Where should I sell them? Should I sell them individually, or as a lot? A lot would be much easier for me, but I'm not sure any one person would want to buy that many of them. Would anyone here possibly be interested in buying some or all of the collection? Is there another community on LJ where I should inquire?

I'm planning to get into my storage unit in the next couple weeks, and I'll take some photos at that time. Even if I don't take photos of every single item, I'll take a sampling of individual items (showing wear and type, etc) and the scope of the collection.


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