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18th June 2012

ochibawolf3:52pm: New around here + WTB list


This is a introduction post + my WTB post :)
My name is Brooke and I'm big on collecting toys (Mostly SailorMoon, Disney, Monster High, and MLP (G1s and G4s). I loved MLP's as a child(I'm 24 now) and sadly only have one left that I saved from my childhood. She is Colormist, from the Sweet Perfume Beauties(Dream Beauties). I can't believe I still have her! ^_^ Anyways, after watching MLP FiM, I'm starting to get back into collecting ponies and other vintage horse related toys. I look forward to meeting you all and learning more about collecting ponies! 


Dream Beauties
All except, Colormist, Mayfair, and Dream Gleamer. 

Non MLP, but still fantasy horse related

Fantasy Fillies
Blue haired Alexis
All Star prancers
All Princess Growing hair

That's all I'm looking for now. I like to only tackle a few sections at a time :) Please let me know if you are selling any. I am located in the USA. ^^

28th October 2011

nominwoo5:21pm: For Sale
I'm selling a Hokey Pokey Target Exclusive MLP for $1 on eBay!

Auction is ending in less than 2 hours so don't miss it!

I'm moving overseas so am having to sell everything. I also have a bunch of various other cute items for sale, everything's being posted in lots of $1 so please check it out! :)

I will ship worldwide. Thanks for looking! I'm still furiously posting more items so please keep watching for more MLP :)

27th April 2011

starherd11:36am: G1, G3 Ponies & items For Sale
Hello all (if anybody's still out there... ^_^; )

I have a page of pony things for sale:


I have a few G1 ponies in generally good shape but in need of a little love,
some G3 ponies in package, and
some related items, including a Hot Topic sweatshirt (worn once) and a Wilton Precious Pony cake pan (used once).

If anything interests you, PM me or respond here. Thanks!
(My selling info (payment, feedback, shipping, etc) can be found here.)

1st December 2010

pumpkinstitches1:27pm: new "friendship is magic" community!

Are you a fan?

Then please, by all means, come and join: equestriaMLP!

==> http://community.livejournal.com/equestriamlp <==

Sorry for the x-posting! ^^;

8th August 2010

downybearded11:10am: Pony sale update
I've now uploaded images of the ponies up for grabs as a photobucket slideshow for anyone who's interested in taking a look:


I have a paypal account from e-bay (positive feedback) but wanted to put them up here before I sold them on e-bay as it'd be nice to give them a good home. Or I'd be happy to accept cheques or postal orders if that's easier. I live in the UK which put P&P at around £2.50 (depending on if you want multiple ponies and tracking or not) but postage overseas is somewhat more variable depending on the country of destination.

Let me know if you're interested in any of them and we can haggle.
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5th August 2010

downybearded111:34pm: Ponies up for grabs!
Hi everyone!

So it's been a while since I've posted last, I apologise for my lack of organisation.

I'm still looking for people interested in my pony collection. Here are some more details about what there is on offerCollapse )

I have photos of these ponies but I seem to be having difficulty putting them into this post. If anyone is interested please send me an e-mail address and I can attach the photos for you to have a look at.

Thanks for reading about my collection!
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20th June 2010

roxyryoko6:03pm: Comic Con 2009 Pony Auction Ends in less than 2 Hours
A 2009 Comic Con Exclusive My Little Pony I have up for sale ends in less than 2 hours! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120583382494&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

15th June 2010

roxyryoko12:59am: Comic Con Ponies Sales
I bought extras of the 2008 and 2009 Comic Con exclusive ponies when I attended. While going through my clutter I found them and decided that I really don't need extras. If anyone is interested in the 2008 or 2009 comic con ponies, let me know. They are mint in the box. I would like to get $17.00 for each pony, but we can negotiate if shipping makes it too expensive.

Also I have two My Little Pony jr. size large shirts that I am selling. I am going to take them to the swap meet but if anyone is interested let me know and I can post pictures. They are in excellent condition. One has Applejack on it.

11th June 2010

lunamothmama1:25pm: hey y'all!

my name is Jess and i have been collecting Ponies since the G1s... i was 5 at the time

i am wondering if you guys can help me with names of my ponies? i know some, but some of them i just cant remember.

if y'all can help, i'll post pics under a cut and hopefully match up names! and if anyone is interested in any of my ponies... LMK ;)

but pics will come later...... i have to set them all up and brush them out

list of names i knowCollapse )

i have lots more, including another sea pony and some baby unicorns and ponies... new ones, g2, g3, and i think a couple g3.5s. and some of the slumber party set, some of the birthday party set (came with Baby Frosting) and most of the Show Stable. and one super-fancy newer Pegasus that came with a crown and beautiful iridescent fabric wings. definitely the fanciest pony i own!

and here's an interesting note: my uncle was a recording engineer and worked on commercials in the early 80's. i was visiting him one day when he asked me to listen to some songs and tell him and another man which one i liked best. i listened, and picked one that i thought was cute.

turns out, it was the MLP jingle :D i got my first 4 ponies direct from the company for that!

4th June 2010

beechan211:41pm: Anyone going to the 2010 MLP Fair?

It seems that we My Little Pony collectors might not be able to order the new 2010 My Little Pony Fair collectors pony ( the seriously cute green one ) unless we're actually going to the Fair itself.

I can't make it. Plus it's in Kentucky. Not exactly one of New Jersey's next door neighbors.

So my question is...

is anyone watching this journal planning on going to the 2010 My Little Pony Fair in Kentucky? And if you are, could I beg you for something?

Could someone pick up the green pony for me?? I'm not hot on ANY of the other collectors ponies that are coming out this year, or any of the G3.5's that are in the stores. This really is the ONLY pony I want to add to my collection this year.

I really do have my heart set of owning her.

Hasbro is supposedly not making as many as they did in past years, so she may end up becoming REALLY difficult to get my hands on without spending a crap load of money.

Oh course, you would be paid back for her.

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5th April 2010

downybearded13:51pm: It's amazing what you find in the basement
Hi all!

I've been clearing out my old things and came across my modest mlp collection from when I was a wee thing. I'm no longer interested in collecting but am anxious that they all receive loving homes and was wondering if anyone would be interested in the ponies I have. Here's a list:

pony collection listCollapse )

Unfortunately I don't seem to have most of the accessories which came with them and they have all been used but are still in relatively good shape overall. If anyone's interested please let me know and I will send pics on request. Happy collecting!
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6th December 2009

kaysa11:19am: MLP Tea Set from the UK
I recently unearthed my old My Little Pony tea set (or what remains of it) and wondered if anyone might be interested in it. Its from the UK, porcelain, with a gold leaf line around the upper edges and handle. "Flower Bouquet", the TAF adult pony, is on all of the pieces except the saucers.

I have all four cups, two saucers, the creamer and the sugar bowl. The set is definitely played with - there are some chipped edges and such like you would encounter in any child's tea set.

You can see photos here:

And I can take closer shots if you'd like.

I don't know what this set is worth, especially in used condition or incomplete. I'll accept any reasonable offer.


7th August 2009

ilthit9:06am: Help the noob?

Hi! I'm a Belgium-based Finn and a newbie when it comes to a) MLP collecting and b) collecting in general. 

I only realized you can collect or modify ponies as a hobby a little while ago and that this is a perfectly acceptable reason for a 30-year-old to play with toys. After that, once I saw three G1 ponies on a flea market I was lost. I now have 10 G1 ponies and a couple G3. 

Any advice you could give me regarding trustworthy sellers, reasonable vintage pony prices, collector websites, pony listings, frizzy pony hair care, or in general the way people go about this collecting business? (I already phone mylittleponycollector.com, excellent website, and the way I found out which ones I have.)


18th July 2009

tealslippers3:27pm: New custom!

She's based on the geisha, as I hope is apparent. Read more...Collapse )

28th June 2009

sea_haven9:56pm: Twinkle eye ponies
Can anyone give me a definitive answer on how many twinkle eye ponies there are?

I have gone through the websites, but every one says something different.  According to the list I've compiled, there are 15, but I have seen more available on ebay, with different names.  I would like to recollect all of the twinkle eyes.....someday..lol

I am confused as all.....can anyone help?

19th June 2009

entorien1:27pm: The start of a long job!
I'm starting my own pony journal, to showcase all of the ponies I own. I have a mixture of G1s and G3s and have now uploaded the first few. It'll take me a while to get it finished as I have over 100 ponies and more get added all the time!

Currently in the gallery are:

baby brother apple delight
baby lofty
baby sister apple delight
brilliant blossoms
coconut grove
daddy apple delight
meadow moon
mommy apple delight
summer bloom

If you want to have a look hen follow the link to the Pony Gallery!


15th June 2009

stripedpony8:11pm: 1st diving seapony for auction
Our 1st pony for adoption is Kelp Dancer. She is a rehaired MLP baby seapony who has just returned from a grand adventure. Included with her will be an 5x7 of her on her adventure(a full Res digital copy will be emailed for you to reprint as you wish from), a 5x7 of her with her friends and an official mini dive log with all the dive details;

NDS photo

Please note Kelper is not mint. She has a couple of small highlighter marks around her neck, a small dimple above her right fin and a couple of paint rubs to her fins. She is still a very lovely and one of a kind little girl.

Shipping will depend on your location, yes I will mail overseas but I cannot be responsible for loss or damage.

I would like to start the bidding at 15.00 and will be taking offers for the next week. 8x10s will be sent instead of 5x7s if the bids go higher than expected on her.

13th May 2009

kaysa9:28pm: ponies for sale!
 I'm trying to get rid of some of my duplicates.  All ponies are in played with condition.  More pictures available upon request.  Make me an offer!  I'm kaioumichiru on ebay if you'd like some credibility insurance.

About 90% of the played-with condition is from surface dirt that should wash right off.  No missing hair, missing twinkle eyes, etc.  Some are actually in decent shape.

Photos hosted on photobucket.  Ponies listed below cut


25th April 2009

stripedpony11:20am: selling nirvanas
I have the following;

Peachy from Italy 10.00
Cotton Candy from Peru 15.00
Cotton Candy from Mexico 25.00
Cotton candy from Mexico variation 20.00
Cotton Candy from Italy 10.00
Cotton Candy from Italy 10.00
Cotton Candy from Brazil 25.00
Parasol From Brazil 25.00

will post pics if anyones interested

24th April 2009

sidneyeileen7:28pm: Childhood Pony Collection
I have an old My Little Pony Collection in my storage unit. I need to get rid of the unit, and I have nowhere else to keep them, so I want to sell them. I have about 5 large boxes worth of Ponies and playsets from the 80's, starting with several ponies from the first run, like Bubbles, Morning Star, and Baby Cotton Candy. They are VERY well played with, as they were my most beloved toys as a small child.

I am hoping for some advice. Where should I sell them? Should I sell them individually, or as a lot? A lot would be much easier for me, but I'm not sure any one person would want to buy that many of them. Would anyone here possibly be interested in buying some or all of the collection? Is there another community on LJ where I should inquire?

I'm planning to get into my storage unit in the next couple weeks, and I'll take some photos at that time. Even if I don't take photos of every single item, I'll take a sampling of individual items (showing wear and type, etc) and the scope of the collection.


X-Post to my_little_pony

5th April 2009

stripedpony8:23pm: I need a seapony
I'm going Scuba diving next month and Id like to have a MLP seapony to take with me. Would love Waverunner(pink is really visible underwater) but am open to other adults. I have alot of ponies I can offer in trade or can buy. It needs to be high quality bait and the shell isn't needed. Bait because Ill need to drill a hole in her tail to attach a line to her so I can attach her to my dive vest. Don't want her surfacing without me or sinking onto a protected reef. Hair cuts and paint rubs are ok but Id like to body to be clean of stains/marks.

1st February 2009

lovely_latte4:12pm: Ebay MLP Sales!
Hello all ^_^
I'm selling 5 ponies on ebay:

♥  Heather Winds
♥  Twilight Twinkle
♥  Island Rainbow
♥  Golden Delicious (Butterfly Island Version)
♥  June Blossom (Birthday Jewel series)

I hope you can find something that you like, and I'm happy to give discounts on shipping.

2nd January 2009

felicity_chan1:11am: G1 ponies for sale

I have a few ponies that need homes: Ponies for sale

Use the following coupon code to take 10% off your entire order (good for all store items, not just ponies): new10ajems

Worldwide shipping automatically figures in. Paypal & Google Checkout only.

Any questions, contact me through LJ or here

eBay feedback

Happy buying! :)

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